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Style. Design. Native

Black Streak Apparel by Denetso Ink is owned by Navajo/African American Graphic Artist Roddell Denetso.

Raised in Klagetoh/Ganado, Arizona on the Navajo Nation. The name "Black Streak" is a tribute to his Native American Roots in which a clanship system (K'e') is used to identify one's self as well as sharing where you come from. It also is a tribute to his maternal family who are Tsinaajinii.  Also fitting is the word Black in the name representing his paternal side. Roddell has long believed that the Native American and African American cultures are more similar than people think.

Located on the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners Area, Black Streak Apparel aims to make original designs and concepts representing both cultures as well as combining them for a unique blend. Take a look around and enjoy!

Ahe'hee-Thank You.

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